Kabul- Ustad Prof. Burhanuddin Rabbani leader of movement and Jamiaat-i-Islami of Afghanistan, efficient and unparalleled politician and man of knowledge, the first elected president of the Islamic State of Afghanistan and one of the leaders of Jihad of Afghanistan during invasion of Red Army of former Soviet Union in Afghanistan as well as the only leader within resistance against terrorism.

Ustad Rabbani was one of leaders of jihad of Afghanistan that at least, led by him, there were the centers of seven tanzims in Pakistan and eight other in Iran. Prof. Rabbani was unparalleled leader of jihad of Afghanistan because he was the man of knowledge among other leaders, an undisputed, the most moderate, idealist leader enjoying from financial virtue. He was a leader that never thought about collecting of money. In the name of Ustad, others owned much property and he believed that what he owns are belong to "Jamiaat". This indicates his summit of his virtue. What he was gaining, was distributed. This behave of Ustad was criticizing by his colleagues. Prof. Rabbani stayed for long in Pakistan and led Jamiaat-i-Islami from that country.

A question is raised in that time, why Pakistan didn't martyred Ustad Rabbani and tolerated his existence there while we all are witnessing, he was martyred by terrorists dispatched by this country for the same purpose? and showed flagrantly its enmity with jihad and people of Afghanistan. It is saying that in Pakistan, Islamic party of Hekmatyar was enjoying from special order and discipline and strong intelligence services while Jamiaat was deprived of such order and intelligence services. One of his follower said that we also should make the formation of our party like Hekmatyar ones. Ustad responded: let our party formation be the same and you should be no worry about. Because, he understood the depth of intelligence services, those procrastinations caused Jamiaat Party to be succeeded. Ustad was also enjoying from Islamic moral and was humble. He was calm and never was angry. Prof. Rabbani was the greatest politician of history. It is not exaggerated.

He had reached to leadership of a party from zero in a time that the country was in a state of crisis and Bonn conference was making a decision and he expressed his though. Then, it was proved that he was right. When the world made a decision and wanted prof. Rabbani to leave the throne, it was seen that Ustad appears in the scene stronger than before. In one side Ustad Rabbani and on the other, world as a whole were speaking and had his own report card. Afterwards, prof. Rabbani appeared as people's deputy. He made a front and mobilized all left and right parties around himself and once more proved his dignified presence. With a spirituality he was enjoying, he was proving winner. The world was resorting to fraud and threat till in a big intrigue, he was omitted. Ustad was alive, no politician was anticipated him and never has been omitted. This itself is the reason for eternity of a politician in political scene.

Source: Bakhtar News Agency