AMSTERDAM, Dec. 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Pyramid Analytics, a leading global provider of platform-agnostic enterprise analytics software, continues to deliver on its commitment to scale business intelligence (BI) adoption across all data stacks and make analytics easier for more people to use with the release of Pyramid 2018.05. The release extends Pyramid’s ability to deliver a full-featured analytics solution that rivals current offerings in the market, and at a fraction of the cost.

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Omri Kohl, co-founder and CEO of Pyramid Analytics: “Enterprise organizations continue to struggle with legacy systems that rely on outdated technology, and with current vendors that come with six-figure price tags. The latest release of Pyramid enables our customers to conduct enterprise-grade, self-service analytics more easily and collaboratively than ever before”.

The December release of Pyramid includes over 50 new and upgraded features. It also includes numerous functional upgrades and fixes designed to make Pyramid’s Analytics OS the leading solution for enterprise customers looking for BI and analytics that go well beyond visualization.

A few key benefits, at a glance:

Management teams benefit from improved tools for collaboration that encourage greater sharing of insights in the organization, while a private instance of Natural Language Querying will simplify access to analytics and improve adoption without compromising public access to data and analytics.

Citizen Data Scientists & Business Users benefit from new wizards, visualizations and context calculation capabilities that greatly enhance report design and analysis. Conversations and Alerts will also help to create shared insights and actions lists with colleagues.

Developers benefit from new custom visualization tools and APIs that enhance the ability to deliver specific apps and tools for the organization. Data Flow variables will facilitate incremental data ingestion.

Administrators benefit from support for SAML, and programmable member-level security will expand the opportunities to deploy SSO for the platform while securing any data source to the member-level grain with simplicity. Access to analytics via the phone apps with dual-factor authentication will make mobile deployment a breeze.

To view some examples of the new features, or download Pyramid, visit the new release page.

About Pyramid Analytics

Pyramid Analytics offers Pyramid, a server-based, multi-user Analytics OS that supports the full self-service analytics workflow across six modules. Pyramid propels an organization’s strategic data vision and cultivates analytics excellence throughout the business. It was built from the ground up to be the first truly collaborative, universal enterprise analytics environment. With it, business users can easily prepare, model, visualize, analyze, publish and present data from their browser or mobile device. Pyramid has a platform-agnostic and scalable architecture that can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud or across a hybrid environment.

Pyramid Analytics’ teams are based in operational centers across the globe. To learn more, visit, follow us on Twitter @PyramidAnalytic and connect with us on LinkedIn.

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