ABU DHABI, Rabdan Academy has introduced the option of distance learning for students, in response to ministerial advice and calls to action to ensure the health and safety of the UAE community.

In a statement, the academy, which specialises in the security and defence education sector, announced that all students would undertake distance learning for various programmes and courses across multiple platforms.

Rabdan Academy noted that teaching mechanisms via face-to-face meetings and online conferences, access to e-learning tools and digital libraries, would be utilised by students and faculty to continue their education.

Commenting on the announcement, Dr. Faisal Al Ayyan, Rabdan Academy Vice President, said, "We constantly work on developing plans and strategies that comply with the vision of the wise leadership."

Dr. Faisal Al Kaabi, Dean of the Faculty of Resilience at Rabdan Academy, noted, "Distance learning is the ultimate solution in times of crises and natural disasters. It provides students with all the curricula, in case they need to stay at home. It also enhances their self-confidence and helps them take responsibility for self-learning."

Al Kaabi added that the academy has employed advanced programmes and applications to use distance learning for its educational and vocational programmes and courses. He noted that the faculty and staff at the academy have been trained to use the newly devised distance learning applications.

Source: Emirates New Agency