DUBAI, What started as a fun game of tug of war, took a violent turn after a woman in her late 20s lost her thumb.

Dr. Khalid Al Awadi, Head of the Hand Unit at Rashid Hospital, said that the woman came to the hospital two weeks ago suffering from shock and pain, not believing that a popular game could result in the amputation of her thumb.

"She said her friends told her wrapping the rope around her finger and pulling hard would be more effective in the game. After she wrapped her finger, her friends suddenly pulled the rope, which caused her thumb to be fully amputated," he said.

The woman was immediately sent to the operation theatre and was operated on by Dr. Hamed Badawi, consultant hand surgeon, and Dr. Ehab El-Dlyami, specialist hand surgeon at Rashid Hospital, Al Awadi said.

"The surgery, which took around six hours, was a success. The doctors fixed the thumb with a metal wire and repaired the nerves and muscles. After the thumb heals, which will take around six weeks, the metal wire will be removed," he said.

Al Awadi said that the patient will be able to move her fingers when the wire is removed and she undergoes physiotherapy.

He noted that Rashid Hospital has a great team of highly specialised hand surgeons who are available round the clock to provide such excellent medical services.

Source: Emirates News Agency