BRUSSELS,19th November, 2015 (WAM) — Members of the European Parliament called on Wednesday for more focus on migration and security and more flexibility in the revised European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), after foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, and neighbourhood policy Commissioner, Johannes Hahn, presented their proposals for a new ENP to the foreign affairs committee.

MEPs singled out migration and security, with a reference to the terrorist attacks in Paris, as the main challenges the EU and its neighbours must deal with urgently. Members of the committee also called for a stronger focus on human rights and youth employment to avoid what it called a ”lost generation”.

Ms. Mogherini and Mr. Hahn said that a new approach based on stability and on partnership between the EU and its neighbours was needed. ”The current security and political environment around Europe shows the urgency for a new partnership,’ said Ms. Mogherini, who stressed that the EU and its Southern and Eastern neighbours no longer stood on separate sides but must work together as equal partners.

”The word that summarises what we want to achieve is stability,’ said Mr. Hahn, who added that the principle of the rule of law must be respected in every country and stressed that the European Neighbourhood Policy was well suited to achieving this.

Mogherini and Hahn highlighted the focus on economic development and youth employment, energy cooperation, security and the fight against terrorism, migration and cooperation with the neighbours of neighbours as the main foundations of the revised European Neighbourhood Policy.