DUBAI, 21st July, 2016 (WAM)–The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), represented by a delegation from the Licensing Agency, has attended the conference held by the International Commission for Driver Testing (CIECA) in Madrid, Spain.

The event focused on the best practices adopted in training, qualifying and licensing of drivers, and sharing expertise with the Licensing Agency. The overall objective of the event was to improve the job delivery to the highest quality standards.

“The delegation’s visit to Madrid included extensive meetings with several officials to examine the conditions they set for examiners, detailed procedures of theoretical & practical testing of drivers, recognition of risks, drivers training, road safety issues, and the latest technologies used in training & testing of drivers,” said Jamal Assada, Director of Vehicles Licensing of RTA’s Licensing Agency “External visits constitute a core part of the Agency’s business plan aimed at acquainting with the global trends of the industry as they pave the way for adopting improved practices in this field. In particular, they enable checking the latest developments of training modules & testing drivers, good qualification of novice drivers, and adopting modern techniques in assessing instructors and examiners.”

Arif Al Malik, Director of Drivers Training & Qualification of RTA’s Licensing Agency said, “Following this visit, we have made a number of recommendations for RTA to consider implementation in the near future, notably the studying of introduction of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in learning modules and simulators, and adding the simulator system as part of the training programme. This covers instilling the skills of recognising road risks, and using sophisticated smart technologies in training drivers.”

“RTA works tirelessly to introduce the best techniques of boosting the training, qualifying and licensing of drivers as well as offering further qualification of examiners & instructors with the aim of enriching their inherent knowledge about the improved testing procedures. Such efforts conform to the directives of the senior management of RTA to adopt modern technologies in the workplace, which are aligned with future policies of Dubai of hosting Expo 2020 prompting all community organizations to improve on the quality of deliverables,” he added.

The CIECA, which was established in 1956, is based in Europe and has 47 affiliated government organisations from all over the world. The Group, which attends to road safety & drivers testing services, has also several members from the world’s licensing organisations.


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