‘Safety Path 3’ drill on quake response commences in Amman


The Deputy King, His Highness Prince Faisal bin Al Hussein Monday attended the “Safety Path 3” drill on quake response at the National Centre for Security and Crisis Management. Prince Faisal was briefed on the axes of the national plan for dealing with earthquakes as the drill simulates the actions taken by all relevant institutions in the event of an earthquake and the mechanisms for dealing with its repercussions. He listened to a briefing presented by the Deputy Head of the Centre, Brigadier General Hatem Zoubi, on procedures for the axes of the national plan to deal with the ramifications of quakes. Brigadier General Zoubi said the drill is being carried out based on the scenario of an earthquake and the subsequent search and rescue operations, evacuation and first aid of the injured. He added that the drill focuses on government, private sector and security forces’ response plans prepared in advance in case of a natural disaster. He added that the exercise aims to test national capabilities in response and rescue operations, ensure the resilience of vital infrastructure and mechanisms for receiving and distributing aid, update relevant databases and disseminate awareness messages at the time of earthquakes in a way that ensures the continuity of daily life during and after the occurrence of earthquakes. The Centre’s Chairman, Prime Minister Bisher Khasawneh, attended the drill. Khasawneh chaired a meeting of the Centre’s Board of Directors before the two-day drill to learn the readiness of public and private institutions to respond to earthquakes.

Source. Jordan News Agency