ABU DHABI, 24th April, 2016 (WAM) — xxxx. Major Engineer Expert Rashed Ahmed Lootah, Director of Digital Forensics Department at the Directorate General of Forensic Evidence and Criminology stressed the vital role of the department in examining the cases that come from the Electronic Intelligence Department.

He noted that this aims to provide evidences that condemn the accused who were seized, stressing the importance of such evidences in course of litigation and preserving the rights of people and exposing the involved individuals.

Major General Al Muzainah accompanied the visiting delegation to the Command and Control Centre, where they were received by Brigadier Omar Al Shamesi, Deputy Director of the General Department of Operations who gave a briefing on the nature of the work and the monitoring system of patrols and traffic movement on the streets of the Emirate of Dubai.

He also highlighted the procedures taken from the moment of receiving a notification until the patrol arrives at the incident site, as well as the system of monitoring patrols by satellite and monitoring external roads by fixed and airborne cameras, and the early alarm service that is provided by Dubai Police to exchange shops, jewelry shops and banks.

The NYPD delegation also reviewed the 3D Map that covers all the Emirate’s areas, in addition to the patrol movement system which enables monitoring patrols movement on roads. This system accelerates response to incidents by the nearest patrol or ambulance in order to reach to the location as soon as possible. The delegation also reviewed the services designated to individuals with special needs of all disability types.

The service registers details of individuals with special needs and their disability which facilitates informing the Command and Control Center should any incident occur with a person with special needs in order to dispatch a patrol to provide help. If the person is outside the jurisdiction of Dubai Emirate, the service contacts the Operations Room at the specified Emirate to take necessary procedures.

The visiting delegation also reviewed the service designated for senior citizens and individuals with heart disease via ‘Your Security at a Click of a Button’ program which enables easy calling for help with the competent authorities.

The programme includes a button fixed at the beneficiary’s house, watch, or smartphone which is equipped with an electronic chip that sends a text message to the Command and Control Center. The message includes all details of the beneficiary and his health condition according to the information provided in the registration form. The message also locates the beneficiary in order to dispatch the nearest police patrol or ambulance at the earliest.

Towards the end of the meeting, Major General Khamis Matar Al Muzainah exchanged commemorative shields with Police Commissioner William Bratton. The NYPD Commissioner expressed his admiration of the advanced level of the Dubai Police General Headquarters. He also praised the policing excellence, high efficiency, and professional security capabilities of the Dubai Police members.

They reviewed the achievements of the UAE police authorities and their standards in enhancing work and human resources, as well as the efforts of keeping pace with developments and international field applications in fostering security and stability.