RIYADH, 3rd January, 2016 (WAM) — An official source of the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed the Kingdom’s deep disapproval, strong condemnation and categorical rejection of all hostile statements issued by the Iranian regime against the Islamic rulings carried out on terrorists in the Kingdom.

The Saudi Press Agency, SPA, quoted the source as saying that the Iranian regime has “unveiled its real face in support of terrorism which is considered a continuation of its policy aiming to destabilise the security of the region’s countries,” noting that, by defending and justifying the acts of terrorists, the Iranian regime is considered a partner of their crimes and completely accountable for its provocative and escalatory policy.

The regime of Iran is the last in the world who could accuse others of supporting terrorism since it is a terrorism-sponsor state which is repeatedly condemned by the United Nations and a number of countries, the source said, citing that a number of Iranian governmental agencies are on the terror list at the United Nations in addition to the fact that Iran is securing safe havens for a number of Al-Qaeda terrorist organisation leaders since 2001 and providing protection for a Saudi wanted by authorities following Al-Khober explosions by the so-called Hezbollah Al-Hejaz since 1996, and adding that the culprit was arrested last year carrying an Iranian passport.

The source pointed out that the blatant intervention of the Iranian regime in the region’s countries covered Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon and Syria, where it has directly interfered through the revolutionary guard and the Shiite militias from Lebanon and other countries of the world, resulting in the killing of more than 250,000 Syrians and forcing more than 12 million to flee their homes.

This is in addition to the capture of terrorist cells affiliating to the regime of Iran who managed to smuggle explosives and weapons into Bahrain and Kuwait as well as the capture of an Iranian puppet cell in Saudi Arabia, practices seen as targeting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC countries, the source said.

The source went on to say that the Iranian regime is never ashamed of feigning concern or exploiting the human rights issues, despite the fact that last year it executed hundreds of Iranians without clear legal justification.

The source concluded his statement saying that the blind sectarianism-orientation of the Iranian regime would not allow it to apprehend that Sharia law could not rule without the scale of justice and equality which doesn’t differentiate between rites. “The Kingdom’s judiciary is independent, fair and apparent and doesn’t work with evilness, meanness and sedition or in secrecy as is the case for the regime of Iran.”