ADEN, The Saudi Development and Reconstruction Programme for Yemen (SDRPY) delivered 40 water tankers to the port city of Aden, Yemen for distribution to seven governorates: Aden, Taiz, Dali, Lahj, Shabwah, Hadramout and Abyan.

The 5,000-liter tanker-trucks will alleviate current shortages of clean drinking water in in several districts and augment the benefits of tankers already delivered to other governorates.

Water tanks provided by SDRPY will be distributed to several directorates in the seven governorates, including Mocca, Turba, Ataq, Shabwah, Seiyun, Mukallah, Jaar Zanjabour, Toor Al Baha and Al Houtah.

SDRPY representative, Eng. Salman Al-Hazimi, was quoted by the Saudi Press Agency, SPA, as saying: "The programme works to study and implement all the needs of the brotherly Yemeni people, in the water sector and all service sectors, for development and reconstruction throughout the Republic of Yemen."

He added that the delivery of 40 water tankers today is a continuation of developmental and infrastructure projects previously launched in all governorates across several sectors. Coordination continues with the legitimate government and local authorities to benefit the Yemeni people, providing employment opportunities while improving services and living conditions.

Source: Emirates News Agency