RIYADH, 15th October, 2015 (WAM) — The value of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s petroleum commodity exports fell in August 2015 to record SR 14,875 million compared to SR 18,368 million for the same month last year, a decrease of SR 3,493 million by 19.02%.

The value of the Kingdom’s imports also recorded a decrease during August of 10.98% to record about SR 5,4270 million, a drop of SR 6,692 million for the same month of 2014, which recorded SR 60,962 million.

The monthly report issued by the Department of Statistics and Information for August 2015 explained that the Kingdom’s exports of non-oil commodities registered a rise of 1% compared to the previous month of July 2015, which recorded SR 14,506 million, while the value of the Kingdom’s imports recorded a rise of 17.82% compared to the previous month, which recorded SR 44,597 million.

On the geographical distribution of exports of Saudi non-oil goods, the report noted that exports to the Group of non-Arab and non-Islamic Asian States, which come at the forefront of groups as for the exports had registered a decline of 28% to record SR 4,472 million in August 2015 compared to SR 6,210 million in August 2014.

Exports to European Union countries declined by 19.20% to record SR 1,757 million, while GCC exports fell by 0.20% to record SR 3,759 million, Saudi Press Agency, SPA, said, quoting the report.

The United Arab Emirates, China, Singapore, India and Egypt formed the five most important countries for exports, where they garnered 40.68% of the total non-oil commodity exports compared to 37.39% in August 2014. China, the United States of America, Germany, South Korea and Japan accounted for the largest five countries for imports by 46.41% compared to 45.22% in August 2014. The report indicated that imports from Japan had the lowest rate at 16.5%, and imports from Germany declined by 14.5%, while imports from South Korea rose by 1.80% of the total of imports.