JEDDAH, 23rd June, 2016 (WAM) — A security spokesman at the Saudi Interior Ministry has said that at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, 22nd June, while security agents were searching the home of wanted criminals Abdul-Rahim Ali Abdul-Rahim Al-Faraj and his brother Majid Ali Abdul-Rahim Al-Faraj, security forces were exposed to heavy fire from unidentified people, necessitating a response in kind.

The home of the brothers, in the town of Awwamiya in Qatif province, was being searched as they have been involved in a number of terrorist crimes, including shooting at security forces, killing a number of them, attacking a number of citizens, committing armed robbery, and destroying public property. During the search procedures, and after the seizure of a number of firearms and large quantities of ammunition, the security men were exposed to heavy fire from unidentified people, necessitating a retaliation.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, SPA, the incident did not result in any harm to any citizens or the security men, but later, the authorities were notified of the arrival of a deceased person as a result of a gunshot, in the dispensary of the Modhar Association in Awwamiya. Verification of identity procedures showed that he was the aforementioned Abdul-Rahim Ali.

The security authorities are continuing to proceed with their investigation to determine his relationship with the perpetrators of the shootings and vowed to continue to track them and the previously named Majid Ali.

The Ministry of the Interior warned against approaching, dealing with or helping Majed Ali Al-Faraj in any way, or the other wanted men whose names have been previously declared.

The Ministry renewed its call for all of the wanted men to surrender, and thanked the dispensary of Modhar Association in Awwamiya for their adherence to the regulations and carrying out of their responsibilities.