SHABWAH, Yemen, 4th December, 2016 (WAM) — The Saudi-led Arab coalition has managed to extend its control over the southern coast of Shabwah province, as part of its efforts to fight against terrorist organisations in Yemen.

The process of Shabwah’s liberation has been well developed and prepared months ago by the training of hundreds of Shabwah’s people in the camps of Hadramaut province, under the supervision of the Arab coalition countries represented by the United Arab Emirates.

Shabwah province was the next stop after the successes of the coalition to expel Al-Qaeda from Al Mukalla and the surrounding areas in the Hadramaut province.

The first military batch of the elite forces in Shabwah, backed by coalition forces, advanced yesterday morning in the Radhom directorate affiliated with Shabwah province, with the aim of securing the coastal areas in Radhom in order to restore hope, stability and security in various regions of Yemen.

This achievement represents a milestone in the history of Shabwah province and the directorate of Radhom, as it hosts many vital projects especially in the oil and gas sectors.