RIYADH, 8th May, 2016 (WAM) — A security spokesman of the Interior Ministry has stated that an attempt to carry out a terrorist act against a police station in Haddad in Bani Malik, Taif province has been aborted.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, SPA, security officers on duty at the police station monitored an attempt by two people to infiltrate into the car parking area of the police station at one o’clock in the morning yesterday, Saturday, May 7th, who, when they realised they were being monitored, started firing a machine gun, escaping after an exchange of gun-fire, in a vehicle that was waiting for them.

After crashing their vehicle, they fled on foot and took refuge in one of the mountainous residential areas in the village of Thaqeef where they were surrounded and the area was searched with the help of residents.

The security spokesman said that the exchange of fire resulted in the martyrdom of a soldier, Saeed Dahibish Al-Harthy, and the seizure of an explosive belt and nine pipe bombs which were dismantled by specialists. Field follow-up is on-going and any further details will be duly announced.