ABU DHABI, Major General Abdulaziz Maktoum Al Shuraiqi, Director-General of the Federal Preventive Security at the Ministry of Interior, MoI, and Deputy Chairman of the Higher Security Committee for the Federal National Council,FNC, Elections 2019, said the committee has drafted a comprehensive security plan to secure the 4th elections, to be held next October across 39 voting centres in the UAE.

He added that the committee has compiled instructions for voters to follow on the day of the elections.

He stressed that the plan is aimed at overcoming all obstacles, securing the arrival of voters to polling stations and their departure from them, in addition to facilitating the voting process to achieve the highest participation possible and present a positive image of the Emirati electoral process.

He pointed out that the security plan is aimed at ensuring the voting process is carried out easily and flawlessly across all polling stations.

Al Shuraiqi stressed that the Ministry of Interior, MoI, will help citizens, candidates and voters overcome all obstacles, and provide an appropriate voting environment.

He also highlighted the keenness of the MoI to raise the awareness of voters about the rules of the election process, within the framework of the attention given by the wise leadership to involve citizens in the decision-making process. He urged citizens to contribute to ensuring that the elections are held successfully, and to follow instructions at all polling stations.

Source: Emirates News Agency