SHARJAH, Sharjah Media City, Shams, has hosted a workshop on Sound Recording from 1st to 4th July, conducted by Barry Kassab, workshop instructor and one of the few listed guitar luthiers in Dubai.

The workshop aimed at helping young talents develop their sound recording skills. Sound recording is one of the key segments in the media and production industry, therefore, the four-day workshop attracted a significant number of graduates, entrepreneurs and individuals working in the media sector.

"We believe this workshop will help the attendees to understand the importance of the quality of sound recording using the best technology available. It's our mission to encourage and stimulate young talents, helping them develop their skills in different fields of media and production. We aim to continue to host more workshops in the future," said Dr. Khaled al Midfa, Chairman of Sharjah Media City.

During the workshop, the attendees gained first-hand knowledge about numerous features of sound recording. Trainers provided insightful information about listening, sound and frequencies, an introduction to microphones, the usage of wired vs wireless microphones, field recording, folly, and automatic dialogue replacement. They also provided technical information about sound recording, sound editing, sound effects, soundtrack, sound mixing, sound design, and sound inspiration.

The attendees also learned about several types of microphones available in the market and discussed in-depth which ones will work best for their specific production needs.

The workshop was a community-led initiative in-line with the strategic direction of Shams to provide services and support the media community to get professional knowledge that will serve them to specialise in media and film production.

Source: Emirates News Agency