SHARJAH, 9th July, 2016 (WAM) — As part of its Ramadan projects, the Sharjah Charity International (SCI) has distributed 27,000 pieces of Eid clothing to orphans and needy people in 22 countries worldwide.

Abdullah Mubarak Al Dhukhan, Secretary-General of the SCI, said, “The clothing project is one of the most important assistance programmes delivered by the SCI to its sponsored categories in all countries.”

He said a sum of AED2.35 million was allocated this year for purchasing new clothing for 27, 000 sponsored people in over 22 underdeveloped countries.

Al Dhakhan added that the clothes were distributed before the advent of Eid Al Fitr to paint a smile on the faces of children.

The SCI also distributed eidiya (Eid gift) worth AED500, 000 to 23,000 orphans, bringing the total cost of the clothing and eidiya to AED2.85 million.

It sponsors five categories, including orphans, needy families, students, teachers and imams.