RANKFUT, 23rd October 2016 (WAM) – A new exhibition centre will be built in Sharjah, as an extension to the existing Sharjah International Book Fair, H.H. Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, revealed today.

Speaking to Emirati journalists during a tour of the Frankfurt International Book Fair, Sheikh Sultan said a budget has already been set aside for the project, which will see the centre hosting major local and international cultural events.

Asked about his latest works, Sheikh Sultan said that for the past 15 years he had been writing a book about the history of nations and ethnicities that shaped the civilisation in the Gulf countries.

Regarding the UAE’s progress, 45 years after the federation, Sheikh Sultan said while ages of nations are measured in years, the rapid pace of development in the UAE dictates that it be measured in days.

“From day one, we have had a solid federation, led by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan. A very strong foundation was laid for flexible, yet firm legislative framework. That flexibility enabled a smooth decision making process and un-hindered development,” he added.

Sheikh Sultan also spoke about the current crises in the Arab world, saying that only adherence to the bonds of faith, identity and language would enable the Arabs to stand together in the face of looming challenges.

He also referred to the efforts of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt to tackle the issues his country witnessed recently.

“Egypt will be back to play its central and effective role in the Arab world. By looking at the history of the Egyptian people, they faced more complex issues and managed to overcome them,” he noted.