ABU DHABI, Abdul Rahman bin Mohammad bin Nasser Al Owais, Minister of Health and Prevention, said that the humanitarian legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed still lives on, and his memory will remain present in the hearts of the UAE's people, through the values of benevolence and tolerance regardless of nationality, gender, or religion.

Al Owais made the remarks on the occasion of the Zayed Humanitarian Day, pointing out that the state's leadership has maintained this unique legacy to cement the UAE's position as a global destination for charitable and humanitarian work.

He added that this day is an important milestone in the history of humanity in recognition of the role of Sheikh Zayed in the journey of humanitarian giving and charitable deeds, by highlighting the noble values of his initiatives and expressing the feelings of loyalty for his unprecedented march of giving.

Al Owais affirmed that Sheikh Zayed was an exceptional and inspirational leader who founded a modern state carrying a cultural and humanitarian message and seeking to become a sustainable symbol for development and goodness and a landmark on the international humanitarian map. He underlined that the leadership has followed the same approach for the UAE to become a destination for giving, fraternity, and tolerance.

He went on to say that the celebrations of Zayed Humanitarian Day this year coincide with the achievements in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, something that reflects the deeply-rooted human values in Emirati society.

Concluding his remarks, Al Owais shed light on the strong presence of the UAE in the relief work in many countries and its support with humanitarian aid, medical supplies, and vaccines, thus consolidating its position as a centre for the industry of hope and a pioneering model for humanitarian action, something that has earned the country the respect and recognition of the world.

Source: Emirates News Agency