Ordinary cable operators in Pakistan are not permitted to show the World Cup matches on Star Sports. We are bound to see them on either PTV Sports or Tensports and watch terrible advertisements sometimes even before an over ends. Some people have means to still watch Star Sports and they must have come across India’s World Cup ad campaign. Before the Pakistan Vs. India match, the ad had gone viral on Facebook and infuriated a lot of Pakistanis. Now keeping the bias aside for a second, the ads are pure genius. They were clear enough to highlight India’s losses against South Africa in the World Cups, which is a stat that most people were not aware of. As soon as India won their first match against South Africa in a World Cup yesterday, the ad moved on to India’s match against the UAE. They show the Pakistani who did not get a chance to light the fireworks he had kept in a box for years wear a South African Jersey supporting them to defeat India.
Since India won, now he has been given the UAE Jersey to do the same thing. The Indians have found a way to keep supporting their team and constantly humiliate the Pakistanis. It’s pure genius… in an evil way.