The Celltac haematology analyser was unveiled in Tanga recently during the 29th Annual General Meeting of the Medical Laboratory Scientists Association of Tanzania (Melsat).

Made by Japanese manufacturer, the machine is user friendly and can handle numerous blood samples and provide results within a short time.

Nihon Kohden Managing Director Tohomiko Nasu attended the Melsat aunch of the new product in Tanga along with a team of technicians and salesmen from Dubai. The delegation from Dubai included senior service manager Laith Alrousan, senior sale manager Louay Merhi and application specialist Mohammed Matar.

The Nihon Kohden team was accompanied by staff and directors of KaMpa Health Products and another local partner firm, Nairo Link Tanzania Ltd.

The manufacturer and their local partners are developing a marketing strategy for the new product.

Founded in 1951 under the Vision of “Fighting Diseases With Electronics”, Nihon Kohden has grown to be one of the top 100 companies in the world that sell medical equipment and one of the top 10 companies that specialise in manufacturing medical devices.