A galaxy of medical expert in pain management have arrived in Islamabad from UK, USA, Iran, Turkey and UAE to share knowledge and renew the pledge to fight pain out of human life. They are guest of the Society for Treatment and Study of Pain (STSP) Pakistan. STPSP is holding a 3 days’ conference of pain management doctors bringing together world’s leading practitioners engaged in this new medical discipline. the conference theme is “Evidence Based Strategies for Pain Management”.
STSP President, Dr Asif Gul Kayani, while speaking to media said that pain is a common condition. A large section of the Pakistani population suffers from pain but only one in five would report it. The occurrence of pain rises as people get old and women are more likely than men to suffer from pain. He further highlighted that causes of pain in adults include medical conditions (such as cancer, arthritis, and back problems), injuries, and surgery. The most common pain is back pain involving the limbs, shoulder, neck and head is also common. He quoted WHO estimates that about 80% of the people at some time in their life have had low back pain at some point in their life. The conference titled “PAINCON 2015”, is the first of its kind in Pakistan, and is being participated by leading national and international faculty to deliver in handson workshops and a comprehensive program of scientific lectures.
A speaker from UK Dr. Rubina Ahmad, Consultant Chronic Pain Medicine & Anaesthetics at North Devon District Hospital, UK, Dr. Mert Akbas, Associate Professor as well as other international faculty emphasized the perpetual effort of doctors to ameliorate human suffering. They referred to the dividends in the form of awareness amongst doctors, students, nurses, hospital administrators, government agencies, nongovernmental organizations and general public about pain management as a new discipline to improve quality of life.