KHARTOUM, 2nd May, 2016 (WAM) — A senior diplomat in Khartoum has said that Sudan will treat U.S. officials on reciprocal basis and deny them entry visa to Sudan, pointing out that American policy in this respect affects bilateral relations.

The State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kamal Edin Ismail Saeed, said that his government intends to deal within the principle of reciprocity with any country. “We will reply to the United States. If any [Sudanese] official is denied [a visa] or delayed, we will reject and delay [visa issuance for] their responsible,” he said. “We also we have our own assessments and will choose those we think are useful for Sudan and allow them to enter,” he added.

Since last week, Sudanese government officials widely commented on the recent denial of entry visa to the Sudanese Interior Minister, preventing him from attending a UN meeting on illegal drugs.

Also, Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour disclosed that other government ministers had not been able to participate in international meetings in the United States because of visa refusals by the American authorities.

However, U.S. acting Charge d’Affaires to Khartoum, Benjamin Moeling, told the Foreign Ministry that the delay can be explained as being administrative and bureaucratic procedures and do not imply any deliberate intent.