The Minister of Justice Discusses With The Official Of An Int’l Org Joint Coordination And Cooperation


The Minister of Justice, Khaled Shawani, received the Director of the Iraq Office of the International Handicap Organization, Mark Van der Meulen, and discussed with him cooperation and joint coordination between the Ministry and the organization.

Shawani confirmed, according to a statement to the ministry's media: "The Ministry of Justice is ready to cooperate with the organization to develop the capacities and train cadres in the Public Health Department of the Iraqi Correctional and Juvenile Departments, as well as cadres of medical clinics affiliated with the Ministry of Health, to provide their services to inmates and inmates with disabilities and care for those who have chronic diseases in inside prisons."

The minister directed the officials in the reform departments to cooperate and coordinate in implementing the international organization's program as soon as possible.

He expressed his thanks and appreciation to the organization for providing support and assistance to this group in accordance with the principles of human rights.

For his part, the head of the International Organization for Disability expressed his deep thanks to the Minister of Justice, stressing that he will communicate with the two reform departments by providing support and humanitarian and medical assistance for disabled inmates.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency