ISLAMABAD, 12th May, 2016 (WAM)–Differences emerged as the Torkham border between Pakistan and Afghanistan remained closed for the third day on Thursday after talks between Pakistani and Afghan authorities failed to reduce tensions over the installation of barbed wire and putting up fences in Pakistani territory.

Officials in Pakistan’s Ministry of States and Frontier regions said that the number of unregistered Afghan refugees in Pakistan is increasing as thousands of Afghani people cross the Torkham border and they are now more than the registered ones.

They said these illegal entrants are also a security threat because many of them have been found involved in acts of terrorism.

According to media reports, the closure of the crossing has caused inconvenience to passengers , traders and transporters The Pakistani officials had undertaken the work to check illegal movement on the border. However to dictate their terms to Pakistan, Afghan troops on the instruction of Kabul government blocked the crossing from Afghan side.

The entry of illegal Afghans over the past three decades has not only put a burden on Pakistan economy but have also impacted on the labour market.