DUBAI, -- TRA's UAE Computer Emergency Response Team, aeCERT, and EBDAA, an Emirati cyber security consultancy company, have signed an agreement to establish an information security awareness committee.

The committee aims to set up various working groups bringing field pioneers together from different government and private entities to address online security risks. These working groups will focus on creating awareness in different users, such as children, teenagers, parents, employees, and others within UAE society. The committee will also have a specialised working group focusing on advising judges in the UAE on matters related to dealing with cyber-crime.

The committee will be the hub for all information security awareness initiatives in the country. It will work with universities and colleges specialised in information security across the UAE, and empower students to participate and assist various groups within the committee to achieve its intended goals.

"The TRA, through aeCERT, will be signing various agreements and partnerships with private and public firms to promote protection and provide the highest levels of cyber security. aeCERT recognises its responsibilities and affirms its promise of working 24/7 to ensure a safe electronic environment. This agreement reflects aeCERT's continuous efforts to work, spread awareness and inform society regarding practices and solutions that are synchronised with the developments of dealing with electric risks and crimes," Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, Director General, TRA, said.

"There are many national efforts to advise users in the UAE about online threats, yet many cyber-attacks are still successful due to lack of end-user awareness, resulting in huge financial losses. The rapid development and adoption of technologies in the UAE, has created a challenge among the public to stay updated about related security best practices," said Ali Alamadi, Managing Director of EBDAA and the committee chairman.

"It is time to tie together all efforts in the country and focus on educating every individual living in the UAE to promote safer use of technologies at the national level," he added.

"The rapid transformation towards smart cities and the Internet of Things, IoT, is changing the cyber security landscape. With all these emerging technologies, there is a need for a single hub at the national level to ensure provision of adequate cyber security awareness training for all individuals in the UAE," Amar Basic, Partner and Senior Consultant, EBDAA said.

Source: Emirates News Agency