ABU DHABI, 22nd July 2016 (WAM) – Given that Donald Trump is a political candidate like no other, it should be no surprise that the Republican National Convention has been somewhat unconventional, a United Arab Emirates newspaper has said.

The English language daily ‘The National’ said in a commentary today; “In American politics, these gatherings are designed to officially nominate the presidential candidate – a foregone conclusion this time around for both the Republicans and the Democrats, who will meet next week – and rally the faithful to get behind that candidate and the party’s contenders for Congress. But things haven’t quite followed the script – literally in the case of Mr Trump’s wife, Melania, who strayed from the speech written for her by party-approved professionals and included material from a speech given by Michelle Obama, the wife of the Democrat president.”

Later, senator Ted Cruz, who lost the race to be the presidential nominee, was booed off the stage – and his wife, Heidi, had to be escorted from the floor over fears for her safety – after he failed to endorse Mr Trump. Mr Cruz did congratulate Mr Trump but urged delegates to “vote your conscience”, a slogan that has been associated with the Never Trump movement within the party. Mr Trump tweeted afterwards that Mr Cruz had broken a pledge that the losing candidate would endorse the nominee.

“Mr Cruz’s recalcitrance is a clear indication that the Republican party is in disarray at a time when its members should be pulling together,” the paper said.

It went on to say that Mr Trump – an outsider with no experience in political office, a brash manner and a penchant for making unfiltered pronouncements – is unloved by the Republican party establishment. Despite his support among voters in the primaries, and approval from many people outside the party camp, there are some within Mr Trump’s own party who would rather see the Democrats’ Hillary Clinton occupy the highest office in the United States.

“Whichever way the presidential and congressional elections in November go, there is bound to be a lot of soul-searching within the Republican party, and across the political spectrum in America, in the years to come,” the paper concluded.


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