TUNIS, -- Tunisia's date export revenues edged up by 31.5 percent since the beginning of the season (October 1, 2016) till May 8, compared to the same period the last season, thus reaching 453.6 MTD (87,000 tonnes) against 345 MTD (80,600 tonnes), Tunisian News Agency (TAP) reported on Tuesday.

According to the Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries Ministry, the quantities of organic dates exported during the same period reached 5,353 tonnes (worth 35.468 MTD), i.e. a 17.8 percent increase in revenues compared to the previous year.

Morocco is the second destination for Tunisian date exports with over 22,000 tonnes, followed by Malaysia (6,900 tonnes), France (6,400 tonnes), Italy (6,300 tonnes) and Indonesia (5,400 tonnes).

Source: Emirates News Agency