In a press release by the US EMbassy, it said: "The sobering news of March 30 that the number of refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria has topped five million is a devastating reminder of the urgent need for continued humanitarian assistance from across the international community."

Release added: "Maintaining its steadfast commitment to getting lifesaving support to the people of Syria wherever they are, the United States announced that it is providing more than $566 million in additional assistance. The United States is pleased to have announced this support alongside contributions by other international humanitarian donors at the Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region conference in Brussels on April 5. This announcement, which brings U.S. humanitarian assistance to more than $6.5 billion since the start of the Syria crisis in 2012, reflects the continued generosity of the American people and demonstrates steadfast U.S. commitment to helping address the unprecedented magnitude of suffering and urgent humanitarian needs.

Through this support, the United States continues to provide emergency food assistance, shelter, safe drinking water, urgent medical care, humanitarian protection activities, and other urgent relief to the 13.5 million people suffering inside Syria, as well as the more than five million Syrian refugees from Syria in the region. The funding also helps mitigate the impact of the crisis on governments and communities throughout the region that are straining to cope as they continue to generously host refugees from Syria."

Release said: "U.S. humanitarian assistance supports the operations of the United Nations, other international organizations, and non-governmental organizations operating across the region. Through these organizations, the United States is able to provide assistance in all 14 governorates of Syria,-ultimately saving lives and alleviating human suffering amid daily threats of violence and deprivation."

Release added: "Our assistance supports critical humanitarian needs, including those addressed in the 2017 UN appeal of $8 billion for Syria and the region. Part of the new funding responds directly to the appeal, while the remainder provides humanitarian assistance for these affected populations through funding to other international and non-governmental organizations."

Release said: "U.S. Humanitarian Assistance for the Syria Crisis to Lebanon

LEBANON: More than $167 million

New total since the start of the crisis: Nearly $1.4 billion

Today's announcement provides additional support to both refugees and Lebanese host communities. The additional U.S. funding supports basic assistance to refugees; food; health care- including life-saving hospital care and childhood vaccinations; children enrolled in public schools; shelter improvements to informal settlements and sub-standard shelters; and access to safe drinking water for refugees from Syria and Lebanese host communities and refugees."

Release noted: "Funding Numbers by Country

Country This Announcemen t Total - Since FY 2012

Inside Syria $169 million $3.3 billion

Lebanon $167 million $1.4 billion

Jordan $101 million $926 million

Turkey $90 million $537million

Iraq $23 million $279 million

Egypt $15 million $127 million

Regional $ 1 million $16 million

TOTAL $566 million $6.5 billion

*Figures are rounded to the nearest million and may not add to total due to rounding."

Source: National News Agency