DUBAI, Abdulla Al Maeeni, Director-General of the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology, ESMA, stated that the UAE is a leading regional model in supporting workers from various production sectors, due to its awareness of the importance and value of work and production.

He added that ESMA supports the country's efforts to achieve the highest levels of safety and ensure compliance with minimum requirements, as well as to monitor companies that produce personal protection equipment for workers.

In a statement marking the annual International Labour Day on 1st May, she said that due to the belief in the importance of work and the vital role of workers in developing the country, the UAE Cabinet adopted a national system to regulate equipment, tools and materials used for the personal protection, safety and professional health of workers in various working sites, which are also based on ESMA's desire to adopt the best international practices that comply with health and safety requirements.

He added that this national system includes a list of requirements related to clothing, devices, equipment and tools that are worn, carried or used at work, such as protective clothing to protect workers from the effects of chemicals, equipment to protect the respiratory system, personal protection equipment to protect workers from falls, clothing that protect workers from heat and flames, personal safety equipment for the head, feet, hands, eyes and other parts of the body, clothing that protect workers from electricity, gloves and other equipment.

Source: Emirates News Agency