Among the key objectives of the Year of Giving Strategy is to reassert the role of humanitarian establishments in achieving the UAE development goals.

Reem Al Hashemi, Minister of International al Cooperation, said: "Giving back to society is genuinely rooted in the Emirati culture, and the UAE has a historical mission to solidify this culture on a global level. We believe that actions speak louder than words, so the UAE continues its commitments to offer support and aid to every person in need throughout the world. The UAE's humane gesture has resulted in the nation's name being widely and instantly associated with the concept of unlimited giving."

"We urge all humanitarian establishments to realise their vital role, and incorporate development goals within their mission and future vision. This can be done through vastly collaborating with and contributing to developmental projects within the UAE," she added.

In this context, Al Hashemi mentioned that the Year of Giving strategy consists of 10 main initiatives that collectively represent a comprehensive roadmap to develop the work mechanism of humanitarian establishments.

The 10 initiatives include: The Coordinating Council of the Humanitarian Establishments, which includes cooperating and linking humanitarian and charity organizations and enabling them to join forces to guarantee aligning their work with the UAE strategy.

The Council itself will develop a set of initiatives such as The Professional Diploma in Humanitarian Work. Another initiative is the The Smart Platform for Humanitarian and Charity Work, a flagship project which serves as a unifying platform for all humanitarian establishments in the UAE.

The Charity Deduction has been designed to primarily offer donation services through ATM machines, while the Charity Credit Card is yet another initiative that transfers a percentage of the purchase value to charity projects.

Meanwhile, The Development of Humanitarian Establishments in the UAE aims to strengthen the role of humanitarian organisations and enhance their services to make them leaders in the field, both regionally and globally. The plan will develop a Measurement and Self-evaluation Tool of the Work of Humanitarian Establishments, a special program to build institutional capacity in these organisations. This is in addition to the Quality and Excellence Standards in the Work of Humanitarian Establishments to ensure quality of work in the development space, and oblige the entities to endorse global excellence standards.

Media Another key objective of the Year of Giving Strategy is to emphasise the role of media in creating awareness and drive the public discourse to contribute to the Year of Giving strategy.

Dr Sultan Al Jaber, Minister of State, Chairman of the National Media Council, said: "Media is a key partner in building a culture of giving and caring, and contributing to formulating a public opinion that supports the UAE's initiatives in this realm."

The National Media Council will coordinate with other media outlets within the UAE to build a culture in the Emarati society of embracing social responsibility and volunteerism. This should be achieved through the implementation of seven key strategic initiatives: The Generous Billion, for its part, is a collective commitment of all media outlets to supporting every initiative that fall under 'social responsibility' with creating one billion Dirhams worth of media content in this sphere.

In addition, there is The Generous Application, a smart app that encompasses all charitable activities across the UAE and provides a comprehensive overview of them for the benefit of the public.

Another initiative, is the Knights of Good/ Generosity, which aims to highlight the efforts and achievements of individuals from within the UAE society in the field of charity to provide the media with enough information on these contributions.

In addition, the Creativity and Innovation for Good initiative is a contest for the Emarati youth to encourage them to participate in creating media content related to the goals of Year of Giving to raise awareness for the Year of Giving through the hashtag #YearOfGiving.

Another strategic initiative within the media sphere is Media Professionals for Good. This initiative offers media professionals the opportunity to volunteer in charity work, besides covering the stories of these efforts for their media outlets.

As part of their volunteerism, media professionals are also expected to host workshops and lectures and conduct research studies that contribute to the charity work they are engaged with. Social media influencers will join hands with the media personalities, thinkers, writers and artists to reinforce the culture of Year of Giving and to deliver its messages to the target audience. Among its objectives, the initiative aims to enable these creative minds to come up with innovative ideas that contribute to enhancing public awareness of the key messages of the Year of Giving.

Finally, The Walk for Giving aims to convene media professionals and social media influencers in a public awareness activity so that the messages of the Year of Giving reach the largest audience in the UAE society.

Source: Emirates News Agency