ABU DHABI, The concept of nation-state should be promoted as part of efforts to counter extremism, Egyptian Minister of Religious Endowments Mukhtar Gomaa, said today during the third Forum For Promoting Peace In Muslim Societies.

The UAE is a model nation-state that promotes stability and prosperity, where the youth are increasingly aware of the importance of peace, security, he said in a statement to Emirates News Agency, WAM, and stressed that this is proof that all calls to promote construction and security are in fact calls to the right religion.

"The problem of extremist groups is largely caused by their failure to have a proper understanding of the concept of nation-state. The creation of most of these groups is largely based on accusing modern day regimes of infidelity, a position that has nothing to do with Islam and its teachings," he added.

Stressing that these groups are violating all Islamic and human values and traditions, inciting strife and tearing countries apart, he called for "establishing the concept of the nation-state in accordance with Islam while rejecting extremist ideologies and groups.

"Islam does not endorse chaos. Rather, it takes care of the interests of all members of society," Minister Gomaa said.

The third Forum For Promoting Peace In Muslim Societies was organised by the Abu Dhabi-based Muslim Council Of Elders, an independent international body established in 2014 to encourage dialogue and promote peace, tolerance and respect for others.

Source: Emirates News Agency