ABU DHABI, The UAE is keen to promote happiness and positivity among employees of both the public and private sectors, to achieve its development goals and future visions.

The country is a model to follow for promoting the values of happiness and positivity as a national culture in all workplaces and areas of life. It also occupies leading positions in happiness indexes.

According to the 2018 Global Great Jobs Briefing issued by the Gallup Institute, which includes the opinions of people working in 128 countries, the UAE leads the world, regarding countries with the highest percentages of the adult population with good jobs, at 69 percent.

The UAE is the first country in the world to establish a Ministry of Happiness and was the first to change the name of customer service centres to Happiness Centres', to bring happiness to citizens and residents.

After appointing the first Minister of Happiness, the UAE appointed happiness and positivity directors in federal and local government authorities, and trained them through a comprehensive training programme, to ensure productive, positive workplaces.

Since 2016, the establishment of happiness and positivity councils in government authorities has also accelerated.

The first quarter of 2018 witnessed the launch of the 'Happiness and Quality of Life in the Workplace' manual - a comprehensive guide for improving quality of life and creating happy and positive workplaces in UAE government authorities.

The manual aims to achieve happiness and improve living standards based on relevant practices, policies and programmes, as well as to provide a comprehensive framework to attain this goal via four main areas: sticking to fundamental workplace values, promoting health, strengthening employee relations, and instil a culture of altruism through social responsibility initiatives.

Source: Emirates News Agency