DUBAI, Mariam Hareb Almheiri, Minister of State for Food Security has got a firsthand experience of the New Zealand' s experience in areas of limnology, and agricultural and food sciences as part of the UAE's endeavours to develop sustainable food solutions.

This came during the minister's visit to the cities of Wellington, Nelson and Auckland, during which she got onsite knowledge on the best practices pursued by New Zealand, being among the top world countries in the field.

She was also briefed on the Garden-to-Table Initiative aimed at teaching children how to grow, harvest, prepare and share fresh, seasonal food, with the objective of learning from New Zealand's vast experience in this domain.

UAE's cooperation ties with New Zealand have borne fruit over the past period, with the Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi, for example, having developed a crop calculator to optimise the allocation of the groundwater used to irrigate crops. The model calculates the soil water balance by considering the inputs (rainfall and irrigation) and losses (plant uptake, evaporation, run-off and drainage) of water from the soil profile. The crop calculator is an initiative to promote optimum groundwater use in agriculture sector and to protect red zones where groundwater levels are falling rapidly.

Source: Emirates News Agency