DUBAI, 5th November 2016 (WAM) – The United Arab Emirates has made a noticeable surge in the Legatum Prosperity Index, thanks to its impressive performance in many areas, including health and wellbeing.

“True prosperity is as much about wellbeing as wealth and the UAE is the best in the region at delivering it,” said a report published recently by Legatum Institute, an international think tank based in London.

Citing high rates of success in its vaccination programmes, the report said the UAE has the highest level of satisfaction with individual health, and is among the highest when it comes to satisfaction with the health system.

Abdul Rahman bin Mohammad Al Owais, Minister of Health and Prevention, said the UAE had been able to make an impressive progress in health services, thanks to the government’s strategy, aimed at realising excellence and applying best practices across the different sector.

“We are proud of the surge in quality of health services and we are constantly seeking to improve our international rankings in that vital sector,” he added.

The Legatum Prosperity Index ranks nations over nine areas of potential success or failure: Economic Quality, Business Environment, Governance, Education, Health, Safety and Security, Personal Freedom, Social Capital and the Natural Environment.