CAIRO, The UAE participated in the fourth meeting of the "Technical Committee for Intellectual Property," which was organised by the "Intellectual Property and Competitiveness Department" of the Arab League.

The meeting took place at the headquarters of the Arab League General Secretariat and was chaired by Jordan, with the participation of the Minister Plenipotentiary, Dr. Maha Bakheet, Director of the Intellectual Property Department of the Arab League, and government officials from intellectual property offices in Arab countries.

The UAE was represented in the meeting by Fawzi Abdulaziz Al Jaberi, Director of the Intellectual Property Department of the Ministry of Economy.

In her speech, Bakheet explained that the meeting aimed to continue the efforts that began since a ministerial decision to establish the committee was made during the 97th Economic and Social Council while pointing out that the first meeting of the committee was held in February 2017, its second meeting in December 2017, and its third in August 2018.

Bakheet also noted that the Intellectual Property Department presented its recommendations to the 102nd Economic and Social Council, which were adopted while affirming that today's meeting aimed to implement the recommendations of the committee's third meeting, most notably approving the tasks of the sub-committees for industrial intellectual property and authors' rights, and selecting their chairpersons from member countries.

The two-day meeting discussed the monitoring of the implementation of a decision issued by the 102nd Economic and Social Council regarding a special report on intellectual property, which will complementary to the executive programme of the "Greater Arab Free Trade Area" and in line with the World Trade Organisation's conventions.

Source: Emirates News Agency