CAIRO, Dr. Hamad Saif Al Shamsi, UAE Attorney-General, participated in the first ''Middle East and North Africa Conference on enhancing international cooperation in the face of growing threats of financing terrorism and money laundering," hosted by the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

During his speech at the three-day conference, Dr. Al Shamsi highlighted the dangers faced by the world and the Middle East, which have made confronting terrorism and its financing, as well as money laundering, an urgent necessity for peoples and countries, as terrorism threatens their survival and is supported by organisations and countries while affirming that money laundering connected to terrorist financing is very dangerous, as it is the lifeline of terrorist groups and organisations and requires international cooperation to confront.

Dr. Al Shamsi also stressed the UAE's commitment to relevant agreements and international treaties, as well as its efforts to modify current legislation and enact new legislation, most notably Federal Decree Law No 20. for 2018 on confronting money laundering and terrorist financing, highlighting the country's commitment to the efforts of the international community to combat these two crimes while noting the UAE's initiative to create a relevant comprehensive Arab strategy.

Dr. Al Shamsi's delegation presented a paper that highlights the UAE's experience in combatting money laundering and terrorist financing.

The conference is discussing several important issues related to fighting terrorism and other crimes along with means of boosting international cooperation in this regard.

Source: Emirates News Agency