ABU DHABI -- The theme of Astana Expo 2017, Future Energy, is in line with the UAE's plans to invest in renewable energy, as it is the main element of the modern global economy and the comprehensive strategy developed by the country's leadership to diversify resources and build a sustainable economy.

The UAE participates in the Astana Expo 2017, take place in the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, under the theme "Future Energy" between 10th June and 10th September, 2017.

Kazakhstan is the fourth Asian country to host such an event, following Japan, South Korea and China. According to preliminary estimates, the Expo is expected to receive more than five million visitors, at the rate of 50,000 visitors per day from 100 countries and 10 international organisations.

The Expo is spread over an area of 113 hectares, of which 25 hectares are allocated for 93 pavilions. The UAE pavilion will be spacious, with a capacity of 7,000 people. It will provide interactive digital features to enhance guest interaction with the information presented by a virtual host for guided information and self-experiences.

The 6th of September will be a symbolic national day of the UAE at the Astana Expo 2017, while the closing ceremony and the delivery of the Expo 2020 Dubai banner will be witnessed on 10th September.

Expo 2017 is of particular importance as it paves the way for the country to host Expo 2020 Dubai, the first exhibition to be held in the Middle East and Africa. It is a source of pride for all UAE nationals and residents. The participation represents a unique opportunity to highlight the country's efforts in the field of renewable energy.

The National Media Council is responsible for the participation of the State at the Astana Expo, including all organisational, logistical, preparatory, coordination and construction of the State Pavilion at the World Expo.

The UAE Pavilion reflects the development in the country, which focusses on employing the best expertise to develop vital sectors of society. It also emphasises provision of solutions and future ideas, based on the effective integration of human and technical elements to improve human life, not only in the UAE, but also in the region and the world.

Source: Emirates News Agency