The United Arab Emirates (UAE) pledged to continue its support the efforts of the UN and its partners to step up the fight against, and elimination of sexual violence in conflict across the world.


The pledge came in a statement delivered by Jamal Jamea Musharakh, Deputy Permanent Representative of UAE to the United Nations, in a Security Council open debate on “responding to human trafficking in situations of conflict-related sexual violence” under the women and peace and security agenda. The meeting was organised by France, the rotating chair of the UN’s Security Council.


Al Musharakh noted that Un Security Council Resolution No. 1820/2008 states that rape and other forms of sexual violence can constitute a war crime, a crime against humanity and a tactic of war that should be firmly countered because it threatens international peace and security.


He urged the international community to help the national authorities of states to eliminate this threat and bring perpetrators to justice especially because extremist and terrorist organisations like ISIL are increasingly using sexual violence to control and intimidate communities.


Trafficking in girls women has become integral to their ideology and strategic objectives and to the supply and demand of their political economy of war.


Al Musharakh said the UAE believes in the importance of strategies to combat extremism online and in social media, platforms used by extremist groups to promote trafficking and all forms of sexual violence against women and girls.


He noted that the Sawab Center, a joint initiative of the United Arab Emirates and the United States to combat extremist messages over social media, presented moderate regional voices to amplify an inclusive and constructive narrative, as well as campaigns to expose the heinous crimes committed by terrorist organisations against women.


He said the responsibility for promoting gender equality and empowering women lay with both the international community and national authorities, which required strengthening regional and international cooperation, particular in exchanging experiences on services provided to survivors.


Concluding the UAE statement, Al Musharakh expressed appreciation of the critical role of the UN Team of Experts on the Rule of Law in helping involved states to bolster their capability to counter conflict-related sexual violence and strengthen accountability for crimes.




Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation