DUBAI, 23rd January, 2017 (WAM) — The UAE was ranked first among the Arab nations and 25th internationally on the Judicial System Efficiency Index for 2016 in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business report.

The report, which was published by the World Bank in 2017, covered 190 countries. The index evaluated the countries on their judicial system, ability to handle prosecutions in record time, and ensure it is cost-effective and of high standards.

Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, had launched a National Agenda, which involved the formation of executive groups to achieve the national targets.

The National Agenda, part of the UAE Vision 2021, seeks to make the UAE the safest place in the world by improving its police services and preparedness during emergencies, while ensuring a low crime and high road safety rates.

The National Agenda aimed to strengthen the judicial system in the country, and to protect the rights of individuals and institutions by making them efficient.

The Judicial System Efficiency Index measured the efficiency of the nation in enforcing contracts, as part of the Ease of Doing Business report. A survey was conducted by the World Bank on three parameters: The time taken to conclude commercial prosecutions, the cost as a percentage of the amount claimed, and the quality of the legal procedures, which included the structure and court procedures, the management of cases, the automation of the litigation procedures, and the availability of alternative systems.

In the Reliance on Police Forces Index, the country maintained its 7th place internationally in 2016, which placed it among the top 10 countries, while it was again placed first in the Arab region for the same. The index was prepared by the World Economic Forum, for its “International Competitiveness Report”, which included 138 countries.