ABU DHABI, The Board of Directors of the UAE Space Agency met to discuss the agency’s new strategy aimed at encouraging the growth of the national space sector.

The strategy is in line with the vision of the UAE’s leadership to establish a space sector that will contribute to the national economy’s sustainable growth, developing into a promising sector of the future economy over the next 50 years.

The meeting, which was held remotely via video conferencing, was chaired by Sarah bint Yousif Al Amiri, Minister of State for Advanced Sciences and Chair of the UAE Space Agency.

During the meeting, the agency’s board discussed the tentative vision, mission and strategic objectives of the agency, as well as its operational model, which aims to enhance its capacity to serve institutions operating in the space sector, both public and private, empower entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises, and highlight their role in advancing the national space sector.

The board also discussed the agency’s role in motivating the sector’s growth through creating the necessary legislative and regulatory environment for the sector’s employees, as well as bridging existing gaps and addressing related challenges by turning them into opportunities.

The meeting reviewed the country’s current space science and technology policy and existing space capacities, and discussed the agency’s development roadmap for achieving the country’s strategic objectives.

"The UAE Space Agency will continue building on its recent achievements in the national space sector, through empowering companies and establishments operating in this field by creating the necessary legislative, regulatory and investment environment," Al Amiri said.

The agency’s new strategy, which will be unveiled soon, aims to implement the future vision of the country’s leadership to establish a distinguished and sustainable Emirati space sector, which will contribute to the diversification and growth of the national economy, enhance Emirati capacities, encourage cooperation and forge partnerships between relevant public and private sector entities, as well as attract local and foreign investments in the space industry and international space companies.

Source: Emirates News Agency