CAIRO, 2nd August, 2016 (WAM)–The UAE is participating at the 90th conference of liaison officers of the regional offices of the Arab boycott of Israel, which began today at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Arab League, in Cairo.

The UAE is represented by Abdulla Saif Al Tallai, Head of the Commercial Control Department at the Ministry of Economy.

The four-day long conference is being chaired by Ambassador Said Abu Ali, Assistant Secretary-General and Head of the Palestinian and Arab Occupied Territories Sector of the League of Arab States.

In his opening speech, Abu Ali said, “The boycott of Israel is the duty of every Arab, and also everyone who believes in international law and human rights,” noting that the boycott has proven to be an effective legal tool to punish Israel, as well as to expose its aggressive and racist nature.

He noted that the conference also seeks to evaluate and continue to enforce the boycott, and to communicate with international campaigns, which have been spreading very quickly worldwide, including at universities, trade unions, institutions and among artists who are boycotting Israel, including boycotting the country’s goods from the settlements, as well as divestment from Israel to exert more pressure.

Ambassador Abu Ali also referred to the important role played by The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement in spreading awareness among people throughout the world about the racist state of occupation and the need to boycott Israel to inflict losses on its economy.

He added that the move confused the occupation government, which has held three conferences and allocated large sums of money to fight the BDS movement.

Besides the UAE, the conference is being attended by the liaison officers from Palestine, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Algeria, Iraq, Sudan, Morocco, Mauritania and Yemen, as well as representatives of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab League.