SHARJAH, In continuation of their collaborative efforts dedicated to offering new and innovative avenues to the youth to express themselves creatively and explore new interests, the UAE Board on Books for Young People, UAEBBY, and the Sharjah Art Foundation organised a manga creation workshop, as part of the foundation's year-round education programme and part of its summer-course engagement activities for attendees during the season.

The workshop guided 10 participants to transform their character and story ideas into interesting manga art. Conducted over three weeks in August at the Sharjah Art Foundation, the workshop was led by young Emirati manga artist, Asmaa Al Remeithi, winner of the Abu Dhabi Comic Award 2016 from the Abu Dhabi Music and Art Foundation, ADMAF, for her short comic, Turning Point.

From introducing participants to the basics of manga principles and imagining original characters and storylines, to the steps involved in creating manga art including creating their personality sheet, Al Remeithi used the introductory workshop to help participants settle in.

Speaking about the workshop, Al Remeithi, said, "The techniques of manga, or Japanese picture books, are different from other international comics and illustrated books, given its characteristics and details. One of its key features is the ability to tell a story without written text. The 'mangaka' or manga artists must be able to illustrate their story through characters. This workshop aims to train participants on the most essential criteria of this art and enable them to create integrated and innovative artworks.

"I have had a passion for illustrative art and its lovely detailing since my childhood. By curating these workshops, the UAEBBY and SAF are doing great work in honing the artistic skills of young people, sparking their imagination and enhancing their overall cultural experience."

Participant Yomna Muhammad said the manga workshop was a valuable opportunity for her and other aspiring artists to explore and develop their passion for one of the most elevated forms of comic illustration in the world. She fondly remembered the times when she was young and would spend hours at the library viewing manga and other picture books.

"It was a comprehensive workshop through which we gained keen insights into the four developmental stages of manga art. I am leaving this workshop with a lot of confidence in my artistic skills, and look forward to exploring my creative abilities in the manga-making world," she added.

Source: Emirates News Agency