ABU DHABI, 8th October 2016 (WAM) – Transition to clean energy is challenging for any country and Wgeo and Dubai Lamp will play key roles, a UAE newspaper has noted.

“The need to re-evaluate mankind’s utilisation of the planet’s finite natural resources is more urgent than ever and every consolidated effort to protect this wealth is a step away from the brink,” said the English language ‘Gulf News’ in a commentary today.

The launch of the UAE’s first World Green Economy Organisation (Wgeo) in Dubai last week reiterates the country’s will to persevere towards a green goal. Shaped by clear thinking and resilient policy-making, Wgeo will further enhance Dubai’s position as a global role model for green initiatives and solution for clean living.

The organisation will perform as an enabler in helping green research and offer technical and financial consultations on green goals. It will galvanise countries and organisations across the world to gain from supporting it for a common global good.

As the world has realised by now, the time for deliberations is over. It is now time to act and entities such as Wgeo embody this urgency.

For the UAE, working towards a goal of attaining 27 per cent renewable energy levels by 2021, as per its commitment to the Paris Agreement, is helping accelerate the nations’ progress towards the United Nations Development Goals 2030.

And Wgeo will be a crucial enabler towards that end.

The transition to a green economy is a challenging move for any country, a process that calls for multitudinous approaches and many catalysts. For example, last week also saw the launch of the Dubai Lamp, another great example of a green policy.

A low energy-consuming solution, the Dubai Lamp will replace 10 million conventional lamps in Dubai by 2030, securing a 30 per cent energy reduction.

Initiatives such as Wgeo and the Dubai Lamp are the need of the hour and the UAE has shown that it fully understands this imperative.