ABU DHABI, 5th November 2016 (WAM) It proves the fact that this nation and its people have never shied away from a bold intent, a UAE newspaper has said.

The UAE is a young and proud nation, commented ‘Gulf News today, one that has been on a determined and focused march of progress for the past 45 years. It has a spirit of adventure, of reaching out, of creating and building on innovation. It has never stood still and it boldly seeks new challenges and meets obstacles as opportunities to move forward. It’s this spirit of growth and of seeking a new path that is driving its scientific and technological community to put the green, red, white and black colours of the UAE into space.

For generations, and before there was a nation itself, Emirati people travelled over the horizon and the waves to seek new opportunities. They ventured out, to spread the word of their homeland and values. That same spirit drives the UAE today into creating a unique and innovative space industry, where satellites are designed, built, assembled and placed into orbit around our planet.

What pride would the founding fathers of the UAE feel if they knew that the union of their emirates would one day have a presence in orbit? Given the UAE’s drive, an orbit above Earth is not enough.

In the past week, the UAE has set its sights on Mars and aims to send a probe to the Red Planet with a launch in 2020. It’s a bold statement of intent, but this nation and all its people have never shied away from a bold intent. Yes, this nation is but 45 years’ young and by the time it turns 50, the UAE’s probe will have journeyed to Mars. It will be a long and challenging journey. But the formative years and challenges faced by the UAE have been met and overcome.

The first Arabic letters that will venture forth from this planet will carry the words Misbar Al Amal the Hope Probe. That too is a statement that is testament to the aspirations and outlook of this nation and its leadership, the government and the people. We are optimistic, accepting, progressive and carry a positive outlook that the future is indeed bright.

The paper noted that in the past 45 years of nation-building, never has there been a sense that we cannot endure, build, overcome and progress. It is these same sentiments and attitude that propel us forward and drive our purposeful journey towards the stars.

“When you look at the horizon or at the stars or at the next obstacle or challenge, remember the sentiment: Hope,” it concluded.