DUBAI,- The UAE is looking forward to a fourth term on the council of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) at the 39th Session of ICAO's Triennial Assembly, from 27th September to 7th October, 2016, in Montreal, Canada.

The ICAO Council elections will take place on 4th October, 2016.

The UAE delegation will be headed by Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, Minister of Economy and Chairman of the UAE General Authority of Civil Aviation (GCAA).

The UAE's preparations included visits to electorate countries and hosting aviation forums and civil aviation activities at the regional and international levels.

The UAE has been an ICAO member since 1972. It was first elected to the ICAO Council in 2007. During the re-elections at the 38th session of ICAO's General Assembly, held in October 2013, the UAE won 158 out of 176 votes, the highest number of votes obtained by a country in Category III.

Al Mansouri's agenda includes meetings with ministers of participating member states in addition to other meetings, which outline the future of civil aviation for the years ahead, as well as a review of the UAE's working papers to discuss and determine strategies relating to security and safety, and air transport and environment, which directly affect the growth and success of this sector at the international level.

"The UAE is nominated for re-election on the ICAO Council in accordance with the global position occupied by the country. Therefore, it gives the UAE the opportunity to participate in making important decisions in the aviation industry for the years ahead," said Al Mansouri.

He added, "The UAE believes in and promotes international co-operation, and strives to build bridges of collaboration with the international community in civil aviation. The UAE's goal is to develop its aviation infrastructure while promoting initiatives designed to enhance aviation safety and security globally."

The ICAO 39th Assembly will witness a gathering of diplomats from more than 190 countries. The UAE ceremony will take place in New City Gas building on Friday, 30th September, 2016, in Montreal.

The minister will deliver the opening speech at the ceremony in which UAE's achievements and efforts in security and safety, environment and infrastructure, as well as co-operation at regional and international levels, will be highlighted.

Saif Mohammed Al Suwaidi, Director-General of the GCAA, who will also be attending, said, "We believe in the importance of this sector in the UAE's economy and the need for international collaboration. We are hence working to promote regional and international co-operation, as well as communication with the countries in all areas related to the civil aviation sector. That includes the exchange of experiences and training and implementation of joint projects and programmes, as well as specialised contracts and hosting of conferences and other global initiatives. The future of civil aviation requires us to work together in a harmonious and co-ordinated manner."

Apart from Al Suwaidi, other officials who will accompany Al Mansouri are Ismail Al Blooshi, Assistant Director-General of Aviation Safety Affairs; Hamad Al Muhairi, Assistant Director-General of Aviation Security Affairs; Ahmed Al Jallaf, Assistant Director-General of Air Navigation Services; Laila Ali Hareb Al Muhairi, Assistant Director-General of Strategy and International Affairs, and Captain Aysha Al Hamli, the UAE Representative on the ICAO Council.

Source: Emirates News Agency