NEW YORK, The United Nations Security Council last night held an emergency meeting on the protests ongoing in Iran at the request of the United States of America.

"The Iranian people's voices must be heard," US envoy to the UN Security Council Nicky Healy said in her address before the emergency meeting.

She added, "The Iranian regime is paying $6 billion to support the Syrian regime and the people of Iran are poor," calling on the Iranian authorities to stop supporting terrorism.

"The Iranian people are rising up in over 79 locations throughout the country," Haley said. "It is a powerful exhibition of brave people who have become so fed up with their oppressive government that they are willing to risk their lives in protest."

Britain's Ambassador Matthew Rycroft told the Council on Iran, "The continued use of death penalty, including for juveniles, weak rule of law, restrictions on freedom of expression and freedom of religion or belief are all deeply worrying."

For his part, Kuwait's Permanent Delegate to the UN Ambassador Mansour Al-Otaibi called on Iran to respect freedom of expression and the rights of the demonstrators.

In the meantime, Russia said Washington was overstepping into Iran's domestic affairs. Ahead of the meeting, a Russian deputy foreign minister called for closed discussions, accusing US of violating Iran's sovereignty.

Source: Emirates News Agency