/United Nations/ Former US Ambassador: Qatari-American Relations Are Stronger Than Ever

HE former Ambassador of the United States to the State of Qatar and the Strategic Advisor at Gulf International Forum in New York Patrick Theros stressed that the participation of HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani in the United Nations General Assembly is always of significant importance, and the same applies to the His Highness's speech before the General Assembly, especially since it comes while changes are taking place in the region and the world.

In a statement to Qatar News Agency , Theros said that Qatar is now a very important player and HH the Amir's speech will have a very important impact among the cognoscenti.

Theros expected that the issues of stability and peace in the region and energy security would occupy a wide part of discussions during the upcoming bilateral meetings, adding that these topics "will continue to be the most important issues that people are interested in." In this context, he pointed to the important Qatari role in settling disputes, energy security, and regional stability, noting that Qatar is important to the United States in several sectors, energy being one, exports business being another, in addition to its mediating role.

Regarding the Qatari-American relations, he said that the relations between the two countries are stronger than ever before, adding that the relations are very strong in various fields, and that soft power issues is what will strengthen them more, especially since the interests internally and externally overlap to a very large extent.

In this context, he believed that the prospects for cooperation between Qatar and the United States in the field of education and research are promising and can expand in the future, in light of the close relations between the two sides.

He added that the political and defense relations between the two countries are strong, and both can expand cooperation further in the educational field and enhance opportunities for Qatari institutions to develop cooperation with research universities in the United States, especially in medical research.

At the conclusion of his interview with QNA, he highlighted Qatar's effective diplomatic role, especially with regard to enhancing stability in the region.

Source: Qatar News Agency