NEW YORK, 28th January, 2016 (WAM) — Ertharin Cousin, World Food Programme, WFP, Executive Director, has said that the United Nations must unite to help avoid further suffering for those worst affected by the conflict in Syria.

Cousin also told the UN Security Council on Wednesday that the programme’s work in Syria was being disrupted because UN resolutions were not being met.

She added, “To prevent people from imminent starvation, we need the support and action of every Council Member and every Member State. Preventing mass starvation requires more than a four-town agreement. Preventing a humanitarian crisis requires unimpeded and sustained access for humanitarian organisations to bring immediate relief, including food, to all those in need inside Syria.”

“Resolutions ‘not to impede or hinder’ assistance had not been fully realised,” said the Executive Director, with more than 4.6 million people living in areas that are besieged or hard to reach.

“Every day, we receive alarming reports of lack of food, of lack of water, of acute malnutrition, and of death,” she said, noting that there are 18 besieged areas and close to half a million people completely cut off from food and other crucial humanitarian assistance.

The Executive Director reassured the Security Council that despite the challenges, WFP would continue trying to provide its best service, saying, “We will continue our steadfast efforts, exhausting every means at our disposal, reaching every child, woman and man in Syria where we can.”