ABU DHABI, Yas Marina Circuit has announced that it will be introducing a brand-new Yas Drag Night event, the "Roll Racing Edition", to encourage new and novice drag racers to get involved in this popular urban racing discipline.

Yas Drag Night "Roll Racing Edition" will allow first-time or novice drivers the opportunity to test out their drag skills on Yas Marina Circuit's purpose-built drag strip like never before.

The new format will see each racer line up at the start line before making their way down the drag strip with a rolling start at speeds of up to 20km per hour.

Only upon reaching the first gate, they begin to accelerate harder (up to 60km/h), making the drag acceleration easier and less straining for the vehicle and tyres. Finally, when the lights go green, racers will go head to head down the drag strip! Using the Circuit's unique state-of-the-art timing system drivers will be able to monitor their times as they go.

Source: Emirates News Agency